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Providing quality care for children in the spirit of Christian love

foster-parent-trainingThe training, evaluation, and consultation Adriel foster parents receive enable them to go above and beyond other foster care treatment providers.

Adriel provides foster parent training to families licensed by Adriel and also those licensed by other foster care agencies. 

Adriel's training curriculum helps foster parents understand the children they are parenting. Many of the children have an undeveloped sense of "family" resulting from their backgrounds of abuse and neglect.

Adriel, through the Teaching Family Model, also provides practical and specific ways to help teach our children new coping skills.

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Upcoming Trainings 





Dublin Mini-Marathon, Northwest Presbyterian Church, 6400 Post Road, Dublin

Friday 4/6/18 5-6:30PM Crisis Management: Why, Oh Why Do They Misbehave?
  6:30-7PM Restraint
  7-10PM CPR/First Aid
Saturday, 4/7/18 9AM-4PM Caring for Medically Needy Youth*
Archbold Weekday Training, Archbold Office, 22450 Co Rd F, Archbold     
Thursday 4/12/18 4-6PM

Hurt People, Hurt People

  6-6:30PM Dinner Break
  6:30-8:30 TIC: Wounded CHild Healing Home*
Van Wert Mini-Marathon, Van Wert Office, 521 S. Shannon St, Van Wert    
Friday, 4/27/18 5-6:30PM Crisis Management: Foster Parent Tolerances/Triggers*
  6:30-7PM Restraint
  7-10PM CPR/First Aid
Saturday, 4/28/18 9AM-4PM Advanced Teaching Family Model*
 West Liberty Marathon, 414 N. Detroit St., West Liberty    
Friday, 5/4/18 6-8PM Teaching Family Review
  8-10PM Motivation Through the Five Love Languages
Saturday, 5/5/18 9AM-12PM CPR/FA*
  1-2PM RAD*
  3-4PM Diagnosis: Anxiety*
  4-5PM Wellness:  Sleep
  6-8PM Developmental Delays*
  8-9PM IL: Bridges
Sunday, 5/6/18 9-11AM

Caring fo the Sexually Abused Child*

  11AM-12PM Lifebooks

TIC: Bedtime Behaviors*


TIC: Teacing Resislency*

  5:30-7PM Crisis Management: Working with Younger Children*




Dublin Weekday Training, Dublin Office 5940 Venture Ave. Suite AB, Dublin     
Thursday, 5/10/18  4-6 PM Stress of a Caregiver and Secondary Trauma
  6:30-8:30 PM Tips for Maintaining Your Marriage While Caring for Foster Children
 Archbold Mini Marathon, Archbold Office, 22897 US-20A Archbold     
Friday, 6/8/18  5-8 PM CPR/FA
  8-9:30 PM Crisis Management: How Do I Best Respond?
  9:30-10 PM Restraint 
Saturday, 6/9/18 9-4 PM Are You Ready For The Call?
West Liberty Weekday Training, 414 N. Detroit St. West Liberty    
Thursday, 6/14/18  4-6 PM Hurt People, Hurt People 
  6-6:30 PM Dinner Break 
  6:30-8:30 PM TIC: Wounded Child, Healing Home
Toledo Weekday Training, Toledo Office, 3454 Oak Alley Court #308, Toledo     
Thursday, 7/12/18 4-6 PM Helping Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers Catch Up 
  6-6:30 PM Dinner Break 
  6:30 - 8:30 PM Child Development: What Are The Normal Issues? (Tweens- The Misunderstood Age)
 Special Training Event, Findlay, OH    
 Friday, 7/13/18    
 Saturday, 7/14/18    
 Toledo Mini Marathon, Toledo Office, 3454 Oak Alley Court #308, Toledo     
 Friday, 8/3/18   5-6:30 PM  Crisis Management: A Hands-Off Approach 
   6:30-7 PM  Restraint 
   7-10 PM  CPR / FA
 Saturday, 8/4/18  9-4 PM  Heroin: The Epidemic 
 Archbold Weekday Training, Archbold Office, 22897 US-20A, Archbold    
 Thursday, 8/9/18  4-6 PM   Difficult Biological Families 
   6-6:30 PM  Dinner Break
   6:30-8:30 PM Helping Kids Transition Before and After Visits  
 Dublin Marathon, NW Presbyterian Church, 6400 Post Road. Dublin     
 Friday, 8/17/18  5-7 PM  Helping Kids Be Kids 
   7-9 PM  Becoming a Tight-Knit Family 
 Saturday, 8/18/18  9-10:30  AM  Crisis Management: Behavior Support Plans
   10:30-11 AM   Restraint
   11 AM-12 PM  Wellness: Exercise 
   12-1PM  Lunch
   1-3 PM  Foster Care and Adoption Issues: Parenting Someone Else's Child 
   3-5 PM  Teaching Family Review 2
   5-6 PM  Dinner
   6-8 PM  Behavior Makeover: My Child Thinks He's The Boss 
   8-9 PM  IL: My Struggling Teen 
 Sunday, 8/19/18  9 AM-12 PM  CPR/FA
   12-1 PM  Lunch
   1-3 PM  Preventing Disruptions: I've Tried Everything, Now What?
   3-5 PM  Respites Done Right 
   5-5:30 PM  Dinner
   5:30-7:30 PM  Consequences That Really Teach 
 Urbana Mini Marathon, CRSI, 1150 Scioto St. Urbana     
 Friday, 8/24/18  5-8 PM  CPR/FA
   8-9:30 PM  Crisis Management: How Do I Best Respond?
  9:30-10 PM Restraint
Saturday, 8/25/18 9-4 PM Are You Ready For The Call?
Dublin Weekday Training, Dublin Office, 5940 Venture Ave. #A, Dublin     
Thursday, 9/13/18 4-6 PM Difficult Biological Families 
  6-6:30 PM Dinner Break 
  6:30-8:30 PM Helping Kids Transition Before and After Visits 
Archbold Marathon, Archbold Office, 22897 US-20A Archbold     
Friday, 9/14/18 6-8 PM Teaching Family Review 1
  8-10 PM Motivation Through the 5 Love Languages 
Saturday, 9/15/18 9AM-12 PM CPR/FA
  12-1 PM Lunch
  1-3 PM RAD
  3-4 PM Diagnosis: Anxiety 
  4-5 PM Wellness: Sleep 
  5-6 PM Dinner 
  6-8 PM Developmental Delays 
  8-9 PM IL: Bridges 
Sunday, 9/16/18  9-11 AM Caring for the Sexually Abused Child 
  11AM - 12 PM Lifebooks 
  12-1 PM Lunch
  1-3 PM TIC: Bedtime Behaviors 
  3-5 PM TIC: Teaching Resiliency 
  5-5:30 PM Dinner 
  5:30- 7 PM Crisis Management: Working With Younger Children 
  7-7:30 PM Restraint 


Training Hotline

If you are registered for a class and are unable to attend, please notify us during regular business hours.

If you are lost, or inclement weather may be a concern, you may contact the emergency on-call staff for assistance. Please contact the region which the training is being held:

Dublin Ohio Office: (614) 584-1520
Toledo Ohio Office: (419) 787-5165
Archbold Ohio Office: (419) 787-5165
West Liberty Ohio Office: (800) 262-0065