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Providing quality care for children in the spirit of Christian love

Do you have room in your heart and in your home for a foster child? Click here to learn more and request Adriel's free information packet.

When You Provide Foster Care for a Child, You’re There for Them. We’re Here for You.

You’ve got love to give and a passion for helping kids. We’re here to help make that connection between your open arms and the children who desperately need your support right now, right here in our community. Adriel’s Foster Care Program offers youth in need of out-of-home placement the opportunity to live in a safe and loving home, supporting foster families at every step.

Children come into foster care for a variety of reasons. Their families often struggle with poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, and child abuse or neglect in the home. When children come into foster care, they may be scared, hurt, and confused. They need someone to be a listener, a coach, a friend, and a guardian. They need someone to care.

We accept foster care referrals from every county in Ohio. That means we need Foster Parents in every county too. It also means there are children in YOUR community who need help, and YOU could be the one to provide it. Adriel is devoted to finding loving foster families to partner with us in providing quality care for children and is dedicated to supporting foster families throughout their foster care journey.

We know it feels like a life-changing decision, and the truth is, you’re right. Your love, support, and willing spirit will leave an enduring imprint on their hearts and yours. We know this based on more than a century of caring for children and foster care families. We see it every time a new family decides to be the one. We’ve got your back. Will you help by being the ONE to have theirs?

Read what our foster parents have to say:

Be the ONE. Be there for the foster children in your community.

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