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Customized Training

Let us bring our expertise to you!

Adriel offers customized training for anyone who works with children. Child welfare workers, juvenile justice or mental health professionals, teachers, and foster and adoptive parents can all benefit from our classes covering a wide range of topics.

From basic parenting skills, to in-depth coverage of mental health disorders, and even teambuilding and management training--we can custom-build a training to fit your needs!


Family Coaching and Parent Education

Adriel is dedicated to serving children and extending these supports to biological families, helping them to meet their unique needs and to successfully maintain the biological family structure. In pursuit of this goal, Adriel will contract with counties to provide Family Coaching and Parent Education to families.

Family Coaching is a community-based service that promotes the stability and well-being of children and families. Services can be provided as a preventative measure before out-of-home placement is required or as a part of the family reunification plan after out-of-home services have been provided. Adriel will provide a family coach who will work with the entire family with a goal of maintaining the family while providing the tools and techniques needed for building and keeping strong family relationships.

Parent Education is offered in a classroom type setting, typically with a group of other individuals. The training includes skills for crisis management, de-escalation techniques of a crisis situation and the Teaching Family Model, which teaches caregivers to parent through praise and motivation and appropriate discipline. If there is a specific topic which a caregiver may benefit from (for example, mental health issues, substance abuse, developmental delays, etc), Adriel's capable and professional trainers will work to meet the individual need.

Contact us for all of your training needs! We offer reasonable rates for daily training.

A partial list of courses includes:

Child Centered topics

  • Parenting
  • De-escalation
  • Motivating your kids
  • Working with sexually abused children
  • Self injury Mental Health issues (Autism, Bi-Polar, Fetal Alcohol syndrome, OCD, RAD, and many others)
  • CPR/ First Aid

Professional Development topics

  • Communication
  • Teambuilding
  • Stress management
  • Supervision/consultation development


  • How to manage a classroom
  • Working with the difficult child

Workshop fees are determined on an individual basis, depending on the number and variety of the topics to be trained. Please contact us for more information:

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adriel foster parent
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